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Unless otherwise noted these articles and reference materials are my own original creations and are provided "as-is" strictly for educational purposes. While I have been pleased with the results of many of these projects, your tastes may be different or your results may be quite unlike my own. There are dangerously high voltages inside a tube amp so do not attempt any of the amp projects discussed on this site unless you are thoroughly familiar with the proper safety procedures.

Good luck!



Articles on Guitar Wiring

brawley.pdf [468k]

Rewiring my Brawley A-122 Custom Threat


Various coil cut switches for Les Paul (12/03/98)

colorcod.pdf [30k]

Color codes for various humbuckers (12/03/98)

franken2.pdf [279k]

FrankenStrat wiring harness for hb/s/hb configuration (03/17/98)

guitelec.pdf [465k]

Superock Harness and more from Donald Brosnac's book (12/03/98)

lpcoilsw.pdf [46k]

Les Paul wiring tricks (revisited) (07/03/99)

paul_jr!.pdf [19k]

Rewiring an Epi Paul Jr with a P100 pickup (12/03/98)

pot_w_res.pdf [8k]

Chart illustrating effect of adding a resistor to a pot (12/03/98)

prstrat.pdf [71k]

PRStrat wiring for a strat with 2 hummbuckers (03/14/98)

supr_strat.pdf [83k]

Sup'rStrat wiring harness for strat with 3 single coil pus (03/18/98)

tele_mod.pdf [49k]

Custom wiring harness for Tele (12/18/98)

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Articles on Guitar Amp Mods

bluesxpr.pdf [350k]

Blues Express mod for Elector Tube 30 amp from 2000

bluesxpl.pdf [48k]

Blues Express PLUS mods from 2001

c30_origmod.pdf [34k]

Basic mods for the Peavey Classic 30 (from 1998)

c30_mods.pdf [804k]

52 pages of my articles on the Peavey Classic 30 in Adobe Acrobat format (from 1998)

c30mdrev.pdf [xxxk]

June 1999 revisions for the Peavey Classic 30 mods

c30retro.pdf [113k]

Dec 1999 revisions for the Peavey Classic 30 mods

c30rlybd.pdf [539k]

Revised Boost switch relay board for Peavey Classic 30 (12/24/99) [345k]

Instructions and annotated schematic for Tweed Bassman Mod for C30 (contributed by David Becker)

c50_mods.htm [23k]

Basic mods for the Peavey Classic 50 (from 1998)

c50twdbm.pdf [290k]

The "Tweed Bassman" mod for the Peavey Classic 50 amp (includes 1999 revisions)

c50_bias.pdf [142k]

Adding a bias adjustment pot to the Peavey Classic 50 combo amp (03/01/99)

c50_pots.pdf [7k]

Dealing with broken pots on Peavey Classic 50 amps (09/04/99)

c50trace.txt [1k]

Peavey Classic 50 mods (contributed by Trace Allen)

coolnorm.pdf [386k]

"Cool Mods" for the Normal Channel (10/31/99)

g40v_mod.pdf [124k]

Modifications for the Pignose G40V tube amp (12/07/98)

hrt_sfbm.pdf [322k]

Hot Rod Tweed conversion for SF Bassman head (11/12/99)

proman_1.pdf [19k]

Pro Maniac mod for '65 Pro project amp (1998 design)

proman_2.pdf [10k]

Pro Maniac mod for '65 Pro project amp (1999 revisions)

ritetube.pdf [17k]

Righteous Tubes! A review of various preamp tubes (04/12/99)

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Other Articles

bloozrev.pdf [23k]

Blues Reviews (Assorted notes on recordings and live shows) (03/16/99)

graphics.pdf [20k]

Using graphics programs and utilities for schematics, etc.(03/22/99)

sources.htm [4k]

Sources for various parts and supplies(03/22/99)

who_am_i.htm [4k]

So who am I? (A brief bio)

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