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Guitar Amps and Mods
    Blue Guitar amp mods
c30scmod.gif [143k] Peavy Classic 30 schematic (with 1998 mods drawn in)
c30schmd.pdf [171k] Peavy Classic 30 schematic (with 1999 mods drawn in)
c50twdbm_sch.pdf [299k] Annotated schematic for Tweed Bassman mod for Peavy Classic 50
blxprsch.pdf [194k] Trainwreck "Blues Express" mod for Electar Tube 30 (schematics)
hrt_bm_s.pdf [78k] Hot Rod Tweed mod for SF Bassman (schematic)
hrt_bm_l.pdf [94k] Hot Rod Tweed mod for SF Bassman (layout)
hrt_bml2.pdf [38k] Hot Rod Tweed mod for SF Bassman: Details for wiring up option switches
hrtp_sch.pdf [138k] Hot Rod Tweed PLUS mod (with Electrolex Rocket 50 option)
hybrid_a.pdf [44k] Hybrid amp version A: Schematic [1977 architecture w/ 1997 values]
layoutrb.jpg [282k] Hybrid amp version A: Layout [1977 architecture w/ 1997 values] [282k] Hybrid amp version A: Relay board pix
pro_man7.pdf [69k] Pro Maniac amp mod for Fender BF/SF reverb amps (design revised 9/19/99)
sopm_1.pdf [48k] Son of... Pro Maniac! (design revised 10/31/99)
** Click here for FTP listings! ** More Blue Guitar Schematics in the Archives!
triple_giant.jpg [233k] Bogner Triple Giant (preamp section)
triple_giant.gif [50k] Bogner Triple Giant (preamp section)
triple_giant.txt Notes on Bogner Triple Giant circuit
xt_cod.gif Bogner Ectasy
** Click here for FTP listings! ** More Bogner Schematics in the Archives!
    Fender Check the Fender Field Guide for Tweed and BF/SF schematics Check Mr. Gearhead for modern schematics Check Fender Heaven, too!
blues_deluxe.gif [212k] Fender Blues Deluxe (factory schem)
blues_deville.gif [225k] Fender Blues DeVille (factory schem)
blues_dlx-dvl_lay.gif [159k] Fender Blues Deluxe/DeVille (factory layout)
blues_jr.gif [229k] Fender Blues Jr schematic
blues_jr.txt [3k] Quick'n'Dirty mods for Blues Jr from Dave Stork
bldvlmod.txt [6k] Mods for Fender Blues DeVille from AMPAGE BBS
concert.jpg [5k] '83 Concert amp (with corrections)
drri_mod.txt [6k] Mods for Fender Deluxe Reverb RI (from AMPAGE BBS)
5a3_sch.pdf [18k] Fender Deluxe 5A3 schematic
5b3_sch.jpg [74k] Fender Deluxe 5B3 schematic
5b3_lay.jpg [146k] Fender Deluxe 5B3 layout [281k] Dual Professional amp designed by Zinky
concert_ftsw.gif [5k] Footswitch for '83 Concert and Twin Reverb II
hotrod_deluxe_pre.gif [14k] Fender Hot Rod Deluxe (preamp section/redrawn)
hotrod_deluxe.pdf [369k] Fender Hot Rod Deluxe (factory schem)
hotrod_deville.pdf [385k] Fender Hot Rod DeVille (factory schem)
hrd_mod.htm [32k] AMPAGE BBS thread on mods for Hot Rod Deluxe
prtweak.pdf Notes on PI power supply mod for Princeton Reverb [184k] Fender Pro Jr schematic
pro_jr.htm [25k] AMPAGE BBS thread on mods for Pro Jr [221k] Fender Prosonic schematic [638k] Factory tech notes for Fender Prosonic (ch sw noise, etc.) [820k] Fender Pro-Tubes schematic/layout (Concert/Pro/Twin)
the_twin.gif [224k] "The Twin" amp from Fender
tonemstr.jpg [609k] Fender Tone Master schematic
vk_schem.gif [121k] Fender Vibro King schematic
vk_mods.txt [2k] Mods for the Vibro King from Tim C.
** Click here for FTP listings! ** More Fender Schematics in the Archives!
    Groove Tubes
gt_trio.jpg [274k] Groove Tubes Trio preamp (original JPG drawing)
gt_trio.gif [130k] Groove Tubes Trio preamp (redrawn!) [380k] Groove Tubes Soul-O 75
    Marshall Check Marshall Heaven for a very comprehensive collection of Marshall schematics Great redrawn schematics for some of the classic Marshall amps Marshall Schematics from the Schematic Guy
2550orig.gif [82k] Marshall Silver Jubilee 2550 amp (lousy factory drawing)
2550.gif [82k] Marshall Silver Jubilee 2550 amp (redrawn!) [808k] Marshall 6100
jcm900mod.gif [22k] Mods for JCM900 [1450k] Marshall JCM2000 amp [647k] Marshall JMP-1 [585k] Marshall JTM30 amp [731k] Marshall JTM60/600 amp (Issue 1) [709k] Marshall JTM60/600 amp (Issue 2/3)
plexi_rev.gif [94k] Hoffman reverb mod for Marshall or 5F6A (as drawn by Chris W.)
** Click here for FTP listings! ** More Marshall Schematics in the Archives!
    Mesa Boogie Check Schematic Heaven for schematics of Mesa Boogie products not currently in production (dead link 06/18/02) Lots of cool schematics here, too!
    Misc Amp Schematics
20wamp.pdf [18k] Custom 20 watt amp from Dave Harris
ac30_2.pdf [34k] Custom variation on AC-30 from Dave Harris ADA Depot [website] MP-1 MP-2 MB-1 etc.
crate_vc3112pre.gif [105k] Schematic for Crate VC3112 amp (preamp)
crate_vc3112pow.gif [132k] Schematic for Crate VC3112 amp (power supply/output) [323k] Schematics for Electroplex Rocket 50 (zipped)
engl_rb100.pdf [23k] Schematic for ENGL RB100 (preamp)
kittyhawk_quattro.gif [68k] Kittyhawk Quattro Preamp
laney_gc30v.gif [168k] Laney GC30V schematic
magnatone_260a.gif [97k] Magnatone M-260A amp schematic
pignose_g40v.gif [101k] Pignose G40V tube amp schematic
roland_jazz-chorus1.gif[240k] Schematic for Roland Jazz Chorus amp (part 1)
roland_jazz-chorus2.gif[224k] Schematic for Roland Jazz Chorus amp (part 2)
selmer_treble-n-bass50.gif [40k] Selmer Treble'N'Bass Fifty amp [189k] SJB Ant 30W Reverb amp
trace-elliot_velocett.gif [127k] Trace Elliott Velocette amp
trace-elliot_velocett.jpg [99k] Trace Elliott Velocette amp (redrawn) [158k] Yamaha T100
** Click here for FTP listings! ** More Miscellaneous Amp Schematics in the Archives!
** Click here for FTP listings! ** Homebrew Amp Schematics in the Archives!
    Misc Amp Mods [784k] Ideas for adding relays to an amp design
ac_to_dc.gif [38k] DC tap from 6.3vac filament supply
bfhotrod.pdf [187k] Hotrodding the Normal Channel (for SR AB763 et al) [250k] John McIntyre's Bluesmaker mod for BF/SF Bassman head (full article)
bluesmaker_sch.gif [64k] John McIntyre's Bluesmaker mod (schematic only)
bluesmaker_layout.gif [135k] Hand drawn layout drawing signed by John McIntyre himself
both_rev.gif [186k] How to add reverb to the Normal channel [303k] Spec sheets on "fishpaper" gasket material used to make eyelet boards
hi_v_ss.pdf [18k] Using IRF820 MOSFETs instead of 12A_7 tubes (Drawn up by Mike Donovan)
input.gif [2k] Custom input jack circuit drawn up by Bruce Collins of Mission Amps
triodesw.gif [10k] Pentode/Triode switch from Lord Valve
pi-m-vol.pdf [15k] Post-PI Master Volume circuit from Bruce Collins of Mission Amps [263k] John McIntyre's Prince'O'Wails mod for BF/SFPR
fx_loop.gif [66k] Tube buffered FX Loop for Marshall amps from Kurt's Amps
fxloop2a.gif [5k] Kurt's FX Loop redesigned by Dietmar Stein
fxloop2b.gif [24k] Kurt's FX Loop redesigned by Dietmar Stein
ss_loop.gif [6k] SS FX loop for Marshall Valvestate amps
tut_loop.gif [25k] Tube buffered FX loop from King TUT [REMOVED]
volreduc.gif [31k] Custom design from Bruce Collins for box to reduce volume from amp
** Click here for FTP listings! ** More Miscellaneous Amp Mods in the Archives!
evh_5150.gif [202k] Peavey 5150 factory schematic (tabloid)
5150evh.pdf [335k] Peavey 5150 factory schematics [383k] Peavey 5150 schematics redrawn
c20laygr.jpg [401k] Peavy Classic 20 layout drawing
c20schem.gif [43k] Peavy Classic 20 schematic
c30layg1.jpg [707k] Peavy Classic 30 layout drawing
c30schem.gif [115k] Peavy Classic 30 schematic
c50schem.pdf [626k] Peavy Classic 50 schematic (preamp and main boards)
valverb.gif [296k] Peavy Valverb (tube reverb and tremelo)
** Click here for FTP listings! ** More Peavey Schematics in the Archives!
    Rivera [449k] Rivera R Series amps [437k] Rivera Knucklehead and S-120/M60/M100 amps
** Click here for FTP listings! ** More Rivera Schematics in the Archives!
atom16.gif [65k] Soldano Atomic 16 amp (2 EL84's) [75k] Soldano SLO 100
slo_notz.txt [5k] Notes on mods for the Soldano SLO 100 [158k] Yamaha T100 (designed by Mike Soldano)
** Click here for FTP listings! ** More Soldano Schematics in the Archives!
mig-50.pdf [40k] Sovtek MIG-50 amp as drawn by Bruce Collins of Mission Amps
mig-50h.gif [56k] Sovtek MIG-50H Tube Midget amp
mig-100h.gif [98k] Sovtek MIG-100H amp
** Click here for FTP listings! ** More Sovtek Schematics in the Archives!
sd1000h.gif [131k] Sundown SD1012C/SD1000H
sndn_a50.gif [153k] Sundown A50 (A36)
sundown.gif [60k] Sundown Rebel 50/100 Lead (SDR100H)
** Click here for FTP listings! ** More Sundown Schematics in the Archives!
wreknotz.txt [19k] Various notes on the Trainwrecked Expresso design
wreckxpr.pdf [189k] Several interpretations of the Trainwreck Express
** Click here for FTP listings! ** More Trainwreck Schematics in the Archives!
    Vox Check Vox Heaven for more schematics Check the Vox UK site for more schematics
ac_4.gif [14k] AC4 schem from AMPAGE library
ac_4.jpg [106k] AC4 schem from Vox-UK site
ac15fact.jpg [140k] AC15 factory schem (JPG)
ac301960.jpg [203k] AC30 schem from Vox-UK site (1960)
ac30bass.jpg [197k] AC30 Bass amp schem from Vox-UK site
ac30fact.jpg [158k] AC30 factory schem
ac30volt.jpg [167k] AC30 factory schem with voltages added
ac30elek.pdf [33k] AC30 schem from Elektor Electronics [4/89 p.29]
ac30_pre.gif [9k] AC30 preamp from AMPAGE library
ac30_pwr.gif [14k] AC30 power amp from AMPAGE library
ac30hoff.gif [18k] AC30 schem/layout drawing from Hoffman site
ac30tbmd.jpg [111k] AC30 Top Boost mod from Vox-UK site
ac30ripr.jpg [96k] AC30 Reissue (preamp) from Vox-UK site
ac30ripw.jpg [88k] AC30 Reissue (power amp) from Vox-UK site
ac30vrev.jpg [158k] AC30 Vintage Reverb amp from Vox-UK site
ac30ptot.txt [1k] Notes from AMPAGE BBS on AC30 trannies
ac34colr.jpg [290k] AC30/4 factory schem (scanned in color)
ac34ef86.pdf [33k] AC30/4 schem redrawn (EF86 ch. & power amp)
ac50_joe.gif [17k] AC50 amp from Joe Piazza's site
ac50_pwr.gif [14k] AC50 power amp from AMPAGE library
ac100.jpg [156k] AC100 amp from Vox-UK site
ac100pwr.gif [14k] AC100 power amp from AMPAGE library
ac120.jpg [167k] AC120 amp from Vox-UK site
berk_pre.gif [9k] Berkeley preamp from AMPAGE library
berk_pwr.gif [14k] Berkeley power amp from AMPAGE library
camb_rev.gif [31k] Cambridge Reverb amp factory schematic
pacemakr.gif [20k] Pacemaker amp schem from AMPAGE library
** Click here for FTP listings! ** More Vox Schematics in the Archives!
Guitars and Effects
    Blue Guitar harnesses
franken1.gif [179k] FrankenStrat wiring harness for 2 humbuckers and 1 single coil pickup
prstrat9.gif [10k] PRStrat wiring harness for 2 humbuckers
sprstr_2.gif [11k] Sup'rStrat wiring harness for 3 single coil pickups
** Click here for FTP listings! ** More Guitar Wiring Diagrams from Blue Guitar in the Archives!
    Misc Effects [104k] DOD FX-30 Noise Gate: Mod to use external trigger for tremelo effects, etc.
jfet_preamp.gif [16k] FET preamps from Stars Guitars and Dwarf amp
ss_preamp.gif [11k] Another ss guitar preamp with Vol, Gain, Bass, Treble
tubewah.jpg [230k] Tube Wah
tubewah1.gif [36k] Tube Wah (redrawn)
vox_treboost.gif [45k] Vox Treble Booster (FX) from Leper's site
** Click here for FTP listings! ** More FX Schematics in the Archives!
    Misc Guitar Wiring
stratoblaster.jpg [78k] Alembic Stratoblaster preamp [1240k] Active mid boost on EC Strat [832k] GP's Four Fabulous D.I.Y Pickup Tricks (from 2/93) [286k] Higher-res diagrams only from above
jag_jazz.gif [90k] Wiring harnesses for Fender Jaguar, Jazzmaster and Tele Custom
jpage_lp.gif [25k] Jimmy Page model Les Paul wiring harness (w/ 4 p-p pots) [247k] Kahler instruction sheet for Floyd Rose licensed trem
strat_blend1.pdf [11k] Strat harness with custom blend pot from David Harris
strat_da.jpg [80k] Dan Armstrong custom harness for strat using 3 DPDT mini-toggle sw
superck1.pdf [21k] Schector Superock wiring harness updated for modern p-p pots
superck2.pdf [21k] Superock (as above but allows for hum-cancelling s.c. linkages)
tele4way.jpg [130k] Tele 4-way switch from Fender Custom Shop
tele5way.gif [6k] Tele harness with 5-way Yamaha selector switch from Gus Smalley
varitone_edit.gif [42k] Thinline wiring harness (edited) [834k] Tone Czar® wiring harnesses from Ed Rembold
** Click here for FTP listings! ** More Guitar Wiring Diagrams in the Archives!
Other Files [link] ACDSee32 v2.4 (link to site) [296k] PCMag's Change of Address utility (32 bit) [893k] Hex Workshop version 2.2 [1970k] JASC Image Commander version 2.00 [92k] Registry backup utility RogSoft homepage to download Notepad+ ( [206k])
template.pdx [44k] Tube amp template for Mayura Draw from Bruce Collins of Mission Amps [25k] Dave Cigna's ToneLite program (tone stack simulator). Temporarily uploaded here until his site is back up. Webpage for Duncan's Tone Stack Calculator [221k] PCMag's TwinFind utility
wc2guide.pdf [86k] Warcraft ][ Guide (keyboard shortcuts and unit stats)

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